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About Fliber


Fliber (Pty) Ltd provides Internet and/or other Value Added Network Services by means of our own privately owned, self-maintained high-speed fibre and wireless networks; we are a Tier1 Service Provider – this means we provide, maintain and operate our own infrastructure, making use of some of the leading national carriers to add to our redundancies. We have multiple international upstreams and run a fully optimised routed network with cutting edge software and hardware optimisations done in real-time and 24 hours a day. 

Our Success


Our network is monitored around the clock by our dedicated Network Operations Centre with additional monitoring and pro-active monitoring done by our Gauteng Nerve Centre. We use world-leading software and hardware solutions and work closely with our exclusive vendors to ensure we can deliver a world-class end-user experience.

Fast Internet


We offer various popular packages and can also custom make any bandwidth requirement to your individual needs.

Residential Standard

Our Most loved Residential Package offerings. Our Residential Standard packages start from 4 Mbps speed to 100 Mbps, all uncapped, with no fair usage – unlike any other local provider. P2P traffic receives lower priority during peak times on these package

Residential Premium

Our serious home offering, these packages are seriously and utterly loved by serious internet users, Gamers & Residential Users wanting pure awesome internet – all traffic enjoy equal priority on both our fibre and wireless networks, 24 hours a day, all year round. With Speed options starting from 4 Mbps – 1  Gbps. We include Public IP addresses on these packages to even sweeten the offer – for the love of internet. Gamers, we know you’re going to love this! 😉

Dedicated Bandwidth

We can also provide 1:1 uncontended bandwidth to Businesses and Corporate clients requiring guaranteed uncontended bandwidth unshaped and uncapped with Tier1 support – ensuring 99.98% uptime. For more information get in touch with our Enterprise Sales Team by contacting our office.

Applies to our Fibre Over Air packages only

Understanding Line Of Sight

For wireless connections

Our Wireless network requires line of sight to one of our towers, our field technicians will come out to your premises free of charge to determine line of sight, most optimal tower and all other items needed to meet your individual connectivity requirements. We don’t believe in a one size fit all solution. We build custom solutions for each of our clients – ensuring we meet all your individual requirements.

Clients falling within our fibre area – get in touch with our office so we can schedule a free site survey, determine your requirements and propose an individual solution for either your personal or business requirements.

All Wireless clients (not within our fibre foot print) – will automatically be swing over to fibre when available at no charge.