Frequently Asked Questions

For more information kindly refer to our “Packages” page. If you can’t find what your looking for, get in touch with us.

Easiest way is to get in touch with us, we’ll need your physical address and/or co-ordinates, once we have these, our office will plot your address to our closest high site – if there is Line of Sight we will then contact you to schedule an appointment to do a FREE site survey – after which we will determine if the link will meet with our minimum requirements, if so, we will then provide you with more information.

Please refer to “Our Network” page for a schematic explaining how it works.

No. We do not have or make use of any ADSL lines, nor of any Telkom infrastructure. Our Network is connected directly by physical fiber (in Newcastle) to the national fiber ring.

All our Services (including our Lite Packages) are fiber based.

The installation fee is required upfront to secure stock for your installation. Once payment was received we will schedule an installation date and time that is convenient to you.

No, we are sure you’ll enjoy our service, we therefore provide our services month to month. One month written notice for cancellation is required.

No there is no preset limit on any of our Lite Packages. You will however be shaped/throttled with excessive use, this works per day (24 hour cycle), if you are shaped/throttled the day, your connection will restore to it’s normal speed midnight of that day. For more information click the question Shaping on Lite packages – everything you want to know 

No, not at all. We however recommend getting an Access Point/Router with a separate WAN / Uplink port. You can purchase these at any good computer store.

Please note that support on any device not provided by us will be charged separately.


Yes, it is possible. We have clients using their ADSL routers with no problems, we however do have a few that changed to a different device later on because of occasional problems. So it depends on the make and model.

Please note that support on any devices not provided by us will be charged for separately.


Our Premium and Ultra packages will be most suited. Please get in touch with us so we can provide you with more information and pricing.

Yes, we do shape/throttle excessive users to protect our Network. We do provide Premium Packages that are more suited for High bandwidth users. Shaping/Throttling is done as per our Acceptable Usage Policy.

Depending on the size and your individual requirements, average installation takes anywhere from 1-3 hours. Internet connection is available immediately after installation. We can generally install anywhere from 3 – 10 days from receiving installation payment and all required documents.

One of the questions we get weekly is how our shaping/throttling works. First of we have different “Classes” of users. So let’s explain it in a bit more detail.

Our set class data allowances for Lite, Standard Packages & other Entry-level packages is dynamically set (at intervals) and works on a 24 hour cycle (day.)  Our throttling system monitors data usage in real time and different Packages fall under different classes. Generally speaking throttling/shaping will only affect the top 10-20 percent of users in that class for that day (24 hour cycle.)

Here’s how it works, if you are a Lite Subscriber – you will fall under the Lite User Class, our Lite Packages are not intended for high bandwidth users, but the occasional big download here and there shouldn’t affect you. If you fall under the top 10-20 percent of highest bandwidth users (if class is under load) of that day (24 hour cycle) in your Class, eg. Top 10-20 persent of 4 Mbps Lite Class, your connection will be reduced to half of your Package speed, eg. 4 Mbps will now be 2 Mbps this will be for the remainder of that day and your connection will automatically restore to full Package speed at just after midnight (00:01-00:05.) Your connection may further be reduced if doing unattended downloads (p2p, torrents etc.) or with excessive streaming this depends on the user “Class” load and may not be enforced always.

Our shaping system will shape certain types of traffic on Lite, Standard and other entry level packages, providing them with higher priority on the network, eg. Web and Mail have the highest priority whereas P2P (torrenting, file sharing sites etc.) have the lowest priority, Lite users will be shaped/throttled when downloading large files continuously or with excessive streaming. Peak time for Lite Users are considered weekdays from 5pm to 11pm and weekends depending on bandwidth demand, during this time, if there’s high bandwidth demand in “Class” you will be throttled/shaped to ensure a great end user experience for all Lite users, again this only affects the highest bandwidth users. Click here to contact us for Pricing on Standard, Premium and Ultra packages.

Gamers Packages enjoy higher priority than any of our other User classes except for Business users (Weekdays – 6am to 6pm) and Corporate users (24 hours)

Gamer Packages are prioritized and optimized for Online Gaming and are more suitable for high bandwidth users. Shaping/Throttling is only enforced with excessive unattended downloading or continued maximum speed use for extended periods of times. Our Gamer Ultra packages have no usage limitations and will never be shaped or throttled. For more information please click here to get in touch with us.

Business Packages enjoy the second highest priority on our network, ensuring high availability of bandwidth no matter what size of business, we can also provide 1:1 bandwidth to Corporate clients with up time guarantees and 24 hour support. Corporate users enjoy dedicated 1:1 uncapped and unshaped bandwidth 24 hours a day all year. For more information please click here to contact us.

Business Lite and Standard Packages are shaped but optimized for Business protocols during business hours 6 am – 6 pm weekdays. Business Premium & Ultra Packages are Unshaped. For more information please click here to contact us.

Although it will be possible to stream using our Lite services, we will however recommend our Premium and Ultra packages for daily or occasional streaming. Streaming is bandwidth intensive and will be shaped/throttled on our Lite Packages during peak times and excessive use.

For more information on Premium and Ultra Packages please click here.

Yes, businesses are required to sign-up on a business package.

Yes we can, for more information get in touch with us by clicking here.


Upgrades/Downgrades can be done immediately. Clients will however be charged Pro-rated for any Service change. Alternatively 30 days written notice can be given for any Service change avoiding any additional charges.

Yes we have backup power at all our high sites and servers. Remember that should you not have a backup power source (eg. generator, UPS etc.) during a power outage your CPE will not be powered and you will not have internet access. We can provide you with a backup power solution if required. For more information please click here to contact us.

Yes, debit orders are mandatory, you can either have the monthly debit order month to month or annually in advance. 

Unfortunately we cannot waive the installation fee. The installation fee covers the physical equipment (known as a CPE – Customer Premises Equipment) that enables you to connect to our closest High-site. Once the equipment has been paid, the Equipment will be the property of the client. We will provide you with a Quotation depending on your exact requirements. This is a once-off fee.

Yes, there is a fee for the removal of equipment from one premises to another. Should you require this service please contact the office for a quote.

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