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Cloud Hosted PBX

At a Fraction of the Cost

Save with Fliber Voice

Our fully featured Cloud Hosted PBX give you immediate access to more features than offered by top traditional PBX systems and all at a fraction of the cost. Because everything is hosted on our reliable offsite cloud hosted servers, you simply add phone handsets in your office and branches with the option to add as many additional telephones as your business expands.



No need to buy expensive PBX hardware. Scale your PBX as your company expands. Simply add more telephone handsets. No more upgrading or replacing outdated or too small PBX hardware!

Always available

Transfer calls to the cellphone of travelling staff. Customers can access your sales staff anytime and anywhere with mobile capability that directs incoming office calls to be received on your sales staff mobile phones.

Latest features

New features are added to the Fliber hosted PBX 8 times per year. All new features are available to all customers on the time of release.


The Fliber hosted PBX system runs on multiple redundant servers in a secure hosted environment. Single hardware/server failures, will not have any impact on your business.


Distribute phones in multiple geographic locations, while still being connected to the same PBX. This allows you to have remote staff/management working from home as if they are in the office connected to the same PBX! When transferring a call from your office to a remote extension, your customers will not even know that they have been transferred to a remote office. Receive voicemail messages as an email attachment in MP3 format. This works very well when you are on the road.

Remote management

Fliber can change the programming of your PBX remotely, saving you on callout fees and time to make a change in how the system routes your calls.