Our Network

Fliber (Pty) Ltd provides Internet and/or other Value Added Network Services by means of our own privately owned, self-maintained high speed Wireless network; we are not reliant on any Telkom infrastructure. We also have multiple redundancy links for International break-out via one of our Partners.

Line of Sight

Our Network utilizes wireless technology to connect you to the Internet/Service. The Transmitter or CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) that is installed at your Home/Business must be able to see our Receivers (on the closest High site) in order to establish a stable, reliable and quality link this is referred to as Line of Sight (LOS.)

We will do a FREE site Survey to establish if the link will meet our minimum requirements, if so, we will then provide you with a quotation for the installation, this will be once-off.

Uptime crucial to our Success

We monitor our network and all critical components 24/7 –we pro-actively track potential problems and future problems to minimize any potential down time for our clients – we notify our clients in advance of any planned network maintenance and also in the event of emergency maintenance via SMS and/or email.


We offer low contended premium uncapped and capped fiber based Internet.

We have various options:

All Speed packages come in the following variants:

  • Basic – Intended for Basic Use (not available to Business) – browsing, banking, emailing, occasional downloading – these packages get’s throttled (speed reduced) for 12 hours with high usage, after the 12 hour period expires – your connection restores to full speed.
  • Shaped – These packages are ideal for the whole family, no throttling (speed never get’s reduced) with no fair usage – these packages are built for streaming. We shape P2P (torrents, newshosts etc) from 8 am to midnight daily on these packages – P2P shaping is lifted from midnight to 8 am daily – during this time you’ll also receive full speed on P2P protocols.
  • Unshaped – No limitations, no fair usage, no throttling, no shaping – uncapped, unshaped – pure awesomeness! This is serious internet!

  • Shaped – Most popular Business package – offers true reliant, always available, extremely low contended, premium fibre based internet – P2P (torrents, newshosts etc) are shaped from 8 am to midnight daily to ensure business protocols enjoy the highest priority so you can get business done.
  • Unshaped – Our highest priority, unshaped & uncapped package offering extremely low content ratio’s – with extremely high availability – sure to get any business (no matter what the size) connected to business crucial services and keep you connected – so you can focus on your business. These packages include priority support.
  • Dedicated – Dedicated, 1:1 bandwidth – premium, triple resilient dedicated bandwidth with priority support and a dedicated account manager. Additional corporate services available.


We offer various popular packages and can also custom make any bandwidth requirement to your individual needs.

Residential Basic Packages are offered in 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps & 6 Mbps options – intended for Basic use, these packages are uncapped but get’s throttled (speed reduced) with high usage. Our throttling works on a 12-hour cycle, should you have exceeded the allowed daily quota, your speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps speed for a period of 12 hours after which it will automatically restore to your full package speed.

Residential Shaped – Packages start from 2 Mbps and can go up to any speed you require – our Shaped packages offer excellent value for money and provide complete connectivity for the whole family,  built for high bandwidth users and are intended for streaming. You can cancel your satelite tv service and switch over to streaming with these packages. To ensure high availability and smooth streaming – P2P (torrents, newshosts etc) are shaped from 8 am to midnight daily – your torrents will download full speed after midnight. No fair usage applies.

Residential Unshaped – Packages start from 2 Mbps and can go up to any speed you require  – Our Unshaped packages has no restriction, download, stream 24/7 with no fair usage, no throttling, no restrictions – pure awesomeness! This is serious internet!

Dedicated Bandwidth – We can also provide 1:1 uncontended bandwidth to Businesses and Corporate clients requiring guaranteed uncontended bandwidth unshaped and uncapped with Tier1 support – ensuring 99.98% uptime. For more information click here.

How Wireless Internet Works

Our Services are provided by means of Wireless technology. We will install a small dish like device (much smaller than a DSTV Dish – called a CPE or Customer Premises Equipment) on the roof of your Home/Business which will establish a wireless link to our closest high-site. This will provide via wireless (Radio wave) your desired service. So no land lines are required for our service.

Once we have received your request for service, we will:

  1. Schedule a time that is convenient to you to do a FREE site survey, during this time, we will do a signal test from your premises to our closest high site to establish if the link meets with our minimum requirements. Our minimum requirements ensure that you will have a reliable and stable link, ensuring a great end user experience.
  2. Once we have established your link quality, and it meets with our minimum requirement, we will then provide you with a quotation for the installation of the equipment, the installation of the equipment is a once-off charge, the equipment will be your property, should you move to a different town/city, you will be able to use this equipment 95% of the time with a other Wireless Internet Service Provider.
  3. Once you’ve accepted our quotation, and made your deposit payment, we will then schedule an installation date and time with you.
  4. We will install the equipment – installation takes anywhere from 2-4 hours on average, your desired service is available immediately after installation. Our normal installation includes a single network point in your Home/Business.
  5. Depending on your requirements, we might suggest an OPTIONAL 5 or 8 Port Network Switch (starting from R 250 and up) or alternatively an Wireless Access Point/Router (RECOMMENDED – starting from R 499-00) this will enable you to connect all your device in your Home/Business to your new lightning fast Internet or any other opted service. You can alternatively also obtain the Switch or Access Point/Router yourself from any good computer shop.

Fliber (Pty) Ltd is licensed with ICASA – the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa to provide all the services we offer. We are also a proud Member of WAPA – the Wireless Access Provider Association of South Africa, we adhere to their Code of Conduct, and strive to offer reliable, affordable, high quality, low contended Internet with excellent service. No hidden costs or charges.