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Some quick facts about us…

Fliber (Pty) Ltd is an ICASA Licensed Wireless Internet and other Value Added Network Services Provider for Newcastle and surrounding areas, covering the Amajuba District area.

  • Wireless, no telephone line needed
  • Fibre based
  • Uncapped – with no fair usage options
  • Shaped & Unshaped options
  • We monitor our network 24/7
  • Packages suited for Home, Business or Corporate
  • Simple, quick, professional installation
  • Low contention ratio

What our clients say…

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"I moved over from a 10 gig 3G connection to Fliber uncapped 2Mb/s recently and the difference is night and day. I am able to stream up to 720 HD video without any issues, opening a whole new experience in video entertainment. I am using a WIFI router so general browsing on any of my connected devices is quick and effortless without any delay."


Ken H Residential User Client since Feb 16 May 3, 2016

Fliber (Pty) Ltd is an ICASA licensed Tier1 Telecommunications Provider.