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Some quick facts about us…

Fliber (Pty) Ltd is an ICASA Licensed Wireless Internet and other Value Added Network Services Provider for Newcastle and surrounding areas, covering the Amajuba District area.

  • Wireless, no telephone line needed
  • Fibre based
  • Capped & Uncapped options
  • Shaped & Unshaped options
  • We monitor our network 24/7
  • Packages suited for Home, Business or Corporate
  • Simple, quick, professional installation
  • Low contention ratio

What our clients say…

"We use Fliber internet at our internet cafe in Newcastle, at the old Absa Building. We've been operating for the past 2 months, using Fliber as our ISP.

Not once have we experienced prolonged internet issues, the longest our internet has been down was less than 20 minutes in 2 months, when it was down, we were promptly notified and were able to make provisions for the downtime. Once the system was up and running, we were notified by SMS.

We always run at the internet speed we paying for and all of our clients are more than satisfied with the speed we provide at our shop.

The service from Fliber has been exceptional, always willing to help when we needed it and going the extra mile to ensure we receive everything we paying for.

We are  very happy with the choice we made."


Owner - Connect Now Internet Cafe Business User

Fliber (Pty) Ltd is an ICASA licensed Tier1 Telecommunications Provider.